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Dynamint - Muscle Rub Balm


Dynamint is a soothing combination of natural essential oils in a gentle cream base specially formulated to help soothe and prevent muscle tension and aches.


It is a blend of Peppermint Oil, which is well know as a stimulant for increased blood circulation to the applied area, Tea Tree Oil which is a proven antimicrobial skin cleanser, Eucalyptus Oil allows for penetration of the skin as a rubefactant. and Calendula Oil made from the petals of the Golden Marigold which is a time proven skin conditioner.


Put all these together in a moisturizing cream base and you have an effective product that increases blood flow, is antimicrobial, has a rubefactant and a skin conditioner. Dynamint is available only through Integrated Bio Systems or one of its distributors.


Dynamint muscle rub has enjoyed tremendous acceptance and success as a soothing balm for sore and tired muscles, especially where there has been over exertion due to competitive sports. It has also brought temporary relief to swollen and painful joints.


Unlike some competitive products, the all natural unique formula allows for very rapid transfer through the skin to allow it to get to work almost immediately. Carefully chosen essential oils noted for their efficacy over many years of treating fungal and bacterial infections are packaged as a true oil emulsion giving Dynamint its appealing non-greasy properties.


The main ingredient Peppermint oil, helps to increase blood flow to those affected areas, and coupled with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil exerts a gentle cooling sensation followed by a feeling of applied heat. The addition of Calendula oil acts as a time proven skin conditioner giving Dynamint the complete soothing and moisturizing qualities required.


Directions For Use


Gently apply Dynamint to the affected area by massaging with the fingertips.




It has been found to be very effective when applied just before retiring to bed for the night.

e minty smell (no medicine cabinet coming at you), is not greasy (I used it wearing my "Mother of the Bride" outfit recently) so it won't ruin your clothing and it works! Thank-you Dynamint"

Stephanie M. McNab, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada






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