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A happy cow is a Productive Cow, and expressing natural behavior is essential to a cow's happiness. By massaging, grooming and cleaning the cows, the YES Cow Brush raises their overall well-being and in turn, their feed intake and milk yield.

Like a tree or a fence post, the EYS Cow Brush is mounted vertically, making it easy for the cow to groom naturally.

The Brush gently rotates when touched and stops and reverses direction if it encounters a certain level of resistance in the cow.

This added reversal feature ensures safe grooming while thoroughly cleaning and removing pests. When the cow moves away the brush stops by it self.

This advance in grooming is a valuable upgrade for any loafing or free stall barn.

Safety - Pressure sensor detects any excess friction and automatically reverses turning direction

Raised Production - Improves milk production by helping to maintain the cows in a relaxed state

Economical - Saves you time and money from the otherwise manual cleaning process

Prevention - Helps get rid of and prevents parasites that live on cattle skin.

Health - Improves blood circulation on skin by massaging the veins close to the service.

Cleaning - Helps "breathing" of the skin by removing dirt and dust that accumulate on the skin. This improves overall appearance and health by keeping the animal cleaner.

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