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The Hooftreet 365 range is a daily hoof care program that you can use 365 days a year allowing you to achieve optimum hoof health in your herd at an affordable price. The range comprises of a Footbath Solution, topical 25% spray, a film forming spray and a wrappable gel.


Hooftreet 365 has been specifically designed and formulated to both clean and care for hooves. Hooftreet 365 is a biodegradable formulation based on organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents.   Hooftreet 365 is a part of a hoof maintenance program. Hoof health is dependant upon good nutrition, hygiene and management. Use of our Hoofcare program is part of your herd’s hoof health.


Product Range

Hooftreet Footbath Concentrate

Hooftreet 25% concentrated spray

Exband film forming spray

Exband Gel, wrappable film forming gel.


Regular use will condition and strengthen hooves, preventing damage from occurring.  Lame cows should be identified and treated accordingly. (see Exband Spray and Gel). In cases where there are pre-existing hoof care problems, consult your veterinarian for suitable treatment.


For optimum results footbath at each milking every day.

Use Hooftreet 365 Solution at a dilution of 1 part Hooftreet to 100  water (1% solution).

For example for a 200 litre hoofbath, add 2 Litre of Hooftreet Solution with 200 litre of clean water.  Hooftreet 365 will remain effective in soiled conditions.

For problem hooves noticed in the parlour, spray with a concentrated solution of Hooftreet 25%


Place footbath in return alley, not in parlour. Wash dirt and debris off cows feet prior to walk through of the Hooftreet Bath.



Note: Use of a heavily soiled Footbath can become a source of reinfection.  After inspection or trimming, use Hooftreet Spray (25% solution) to any problem areas.


Disposal: Hooftreet 365 is environmentally friendly. After use spent footbath can be disposed of in landfill of flushing into a slurry lagoon in accordance with local regulations.


Hooftreet 365 PLUS Solution in conjunction with Hooftreet 365 prevents the onset of digital dermatitis and foot rot with a complimentary formula that addresses the issue of resistance build up and adds greater efficiency to your hoofcare routine. Use Hooftreet 365 and Hooftreet 365 PLUS in rotation.





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