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Dynamint - Equine - Leg and Muscle Rub

A new stronger formulation of Dynamint, developed for the Equine market, Dynamint Equine is proving itself to be a superior natural product for use in the care and treatment of horses and is a must for all stable and tack trunks.


Dynamint Equine has many uses. It has proven effective as a leg brace and tightener, skin brace and sweat. It works very well at alleviating muscle damage and tendon strain and has excellent swelling reduction properties. It can also be used under leg wraps without fear of blistering or burning. Many Equine Massage Therapists are finding that Dynamint Equine greatly assists them in their work and brings a feeling of well being to the animals.


Dynamint Equine contains Peppermint Oil - long known for its fast relief by it's cooling action, is also effective in increasing the blood flow to the area, which speeds up the healing process for sore muscles and tendons. Other ingredients include Eucalyptus Oil which is a rubefactant and has superior skin penetrating qualities, Tea Tree Oil and Calendula Oil which are both natural antiseptics and emollients. The skin penetrating qualities of the balm have been improved by emulsifying the oils using natural polymers to make the product water soluble.



Directions For Use


Before Heavy Workouts

A brisk rub with Dynamint Equine over the haunches, legs and stifle area reduces warm-up time and reduces the chances of muscle and joint strain.


After Workouts As A Leg Brace

Simply massage a generous amount of the balm around the knee area and bandage as a brace.


For Swelling Reduction

Apply a generous amount of Dynamint Equine to the affected area.

If swelling is below the knee or hock of the horse, cold hose the area for 20 minutes then massage a generous amount of Dynamint Equine into the swollen area, wrap with medium pressure using a cotton pad and cotton polo wrap. Repeat twice daily.


As A Daily Treatment

Mix 1 part Dynamint Equine to 10 parts water in a spray bottle and spray all over the horse (making sure not to get it in the eyes). This will help prevent saddle soreness and keep the muscles supple.



User Comments


"When I arrived home Saturday, September 23, 2000, after meeting you people, and buying Dynamint Equine, we found that one of our broodmares was lame, to the point of touching her toe to the ground while walking. The pastern and fetlock was swollen and hot. Being a massage therapist I assisted the injury but found I could do little. So being I have this new product, I figured I had better try it. It being late afternoon, I massaged the Dynamint Equine on the affected area and then we put a leg bandage on for the night. In about 2 to 3 hours she was weight bearing while standing and eating. In the morning I took the bandage off, some heat and swelling was evident, but not as bad as the night before. I massaged more Dynamint Equine Rub into the leg until the skin was flexible and left her until that evening. We then used lots of the Rub and bandaged her again for the night. Monday morning we took the wraps off, rubbed in some more Dynamint Equine, turned her loose in the pasture and she trotted slowly away. She hasn't been lame since."

Murray Ohms - Horse Massage Therapist



News Articles


Dynamint is Dynamite

Top international equestrian Anita Nemtin-Gilmour has revealed how a peppermint sports balm helped her favorite horse. The 30 year old equestrian star of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and key member of the Canadian National Squad used the muscle rub, Dynamint, after hearing about it's healing power from a friend... click here to read more.


Greyhounds Kept in Mint Condition

Greyhound racer Ian Fitton made a mint after two of his dogs sprinted to victory after a rub down with peppermint cream. Ian, 57, only bought two-year old Sapphire a few months ago from Ireland. In a race at the Westhoughton track, Lancashire, where she was ranked as an outsider, she romped home in style sprinting 280 yards in just 15.35 seconds... click here to read more.



Where to Purchase


Dynamint is available at your local tack stores or farm supply store.


In BC call:

JANIAN IMPORTS at 604-462-9238


US Customers call us toll free at 1-877-501-5003 or e-mail: for supplier information.


Equine Supply Dealers can purchase Dynamint through our Canadian wholesaler

Canadian Centurion Supply Ltd. at 1-800-361-3860

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